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Company Overview

VillageHealth® understands the complexities of chronic kidney disease. Managing all aspects of care—health issues, lifestyle changes, emotional ups and downs, medical questions and financial concerns—can be overwhelming. VillageHealth partners with patients, physicians and healthcare professionals as well as payors to provide integrated care management for those with kidney disease. Our dedicated team of highly skilled nurses and specially trained professionals work with our clients to help prevent complications, reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations and improve overall health of chronic kidney disease patients throughout the U.S. In partnering with our clients and managing patients’ care, VillageHealth provides support and advice that helps improve the lives of chronic kidney disease patients.

Renal care requires a team of professionals for each patient. The greatest opportunity for patient success comes from tailoring care to meet the unique needs of each patient. VillageHealth changes the way renal care management services are delivered by using an integrated care management approach. VillageHealth designed exclusive programs to assist in meeting patient needs while being sensitive to the rising costs of healthcare. Programs to encourage catheter reductions to reduce hospitalization and infections; a focus on diabetes management through a foot check protocol designed to reduce amputations; and Kidney SmartSM to educate patients to make better choices for their access, kidney disease treatment and lives. Our programs ensure that valuable resources are effectively used, creating an enhanced patient experience and improved clinical outcomes.

VillageHealth Integrated Care Management Approach

Patients, physicians and payors all benefit from VillageHealth’s Integrated Care Management approach:

  • Patients can enjoy a better quality of life in addition to having a partner who focuses on their care and needs
  • Physicians appreciate that their orders are being closely followed by the VillageHealth care manager and patients are taking a more active role in their care as a result
  • Payors value that paperwork is correct and on time as well as the potential for lower healthcare costs that can result when a patient’s care is more closely followed

The VillageHealth Integrated Care Management approach:

  • Coordinates care with the patient, physician(s) and provider
  • Educates and engages patients to take an active role in their health care
  • Provides a patient-centric approach to care backed by proven results

Learning more about VillageHealth

Fewer hospitalizations, coordinated care, engaged patients, extra hands to help your medical team— VillageHealth provides all of these services. For more details on how VillageHealth can help you, click on the link below that best fits your needs:

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VillageHealth Tip-of-the-Month


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